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Fall 2023 Update

Sep 20 2023

Fall 2023 Update

Dear Friends,

The leaves are changing so you know what that means! Pumpkin Spice lattes are back on coffee house menus, kids are heading back to school, and the opportunity to ride some twisties in the crisp air without tourists flooding the roads and scenic byways! 

Although I’m looking forward to fall, I’ll miss the sun-filled days of summer. Some of my favorite memories were made cruising to the Bahamas (minus the broken rib), attending a reunion in Southern California with over 100 family members, and listening to live music from local performers to legends such as Diana Ross and Ed Sheeran.However you prepare for the seasonal transition, MotoChic has curated the perfect packing list for your Autumn adventures. Looking for some fun fall activities? Check out some upcoming rallies, inspiring flicks from The 2023 Motorcycle Film Festival, our MotoChic Book Pick, and more!


What does the amazing Melinda Briana Epler, Author, TED Speaker, and Moto Ambassador, pack in her Lauren Bag for her busy and inspiring life?

“I’m an author, keynote speaker, and changemaker working with leaders to build a more inclusive and sustainable world. Currently, I’m CEO of Empovia, Author of How to Be an Ally, a REV’IT ambassador, and the co-host of the San Francisco Moto Social

My work to create change is rewarding, but it can also be demanding and taxing. To regenerate, I ride motorcycles, meditate, do yoga, run, and travel. In the few short years I’ve been riding, my husband Wayne and I have ridden our bikes from San Francisco to Cabo San Lucas (and back), to Arches National Monument in Utah, and up and down the California coast. We’ve also ridden through Bali, Hawaii, Spain, and France. Planning our next motorcycle journey in Portugal! 

I’ve loved the MotoChic brand ever since Wayne and I met Debra years ago at a moto event! It was a breath of fresh air to see her products. Most motorcycle bags are utilitarian but not fashionable. MotoChic makes moto riding fashionable.

At the top of the packing list for the Lauren bag: extra REV’IT layers for “Karl the fog” – Karl can chill the air quick here in the Bay Area 🥶! Neck warmer, REV’IT summer gloves to put on when we leave Karl behind and head inland, MotoChic cap for the sun, an epipen (I’m allergic to bee stings), lip balm, my well-loved Orla Kiely wallet, Leatherman, snacks, water bottle (on full-day trips I bring two 40oz bottles), bike lock, hand sanitizer, and a Garmin for emergency SOS calls and to track our routes. Not pictured but always with me: face mask and electrolytes.” 

Melinda is a true “shero,” making the world a better place while living her best life by  riding her Triumph motorcycle on winding roads around the world. Thank you for all you do and continue to strive for Melinda!


Fall really makes for some of the best riding: your bike runs better, the crisp cool air makes you feel even more alive, and if you’re lucky to live in an area known for its views the changing landscape from summer to fall can be truly breathtaking. 

Here’s a few upcoming motorcycle rallies around the country to get the most out of your riding season along with a MotoChic Packing List to help make your road trips more stylish and comfortable on or off the bike. We’re offering a special discount on our Harper fashion jacket in the Autumn color!

  • Sept. 24: 2023 Oyster Run – Motorcycle Run in Anacortes, WA
  • Oct. 2 – 8: Myrtle Beach Bike Week® Fall Rally in Myrtle Beach, SC
  • Oct. 19 – 22: Biketoberfest Daytona Beach in Daytona, FL
  • Nov. 2 – 5: Lone Star Rally in Galveston TX


n the world of motorcycling, men have long dominated the scene. As Melinda Briana Eppler espouses, representation matters. It’s why we founded MotoChic—to provide gear to an underserved but mighty group of women on wheels.  

The Motorcycle Film Festival (TMFF), the world’s largest film festival dedicated to celebrating motorcycle culture and style, is providing a platform for womxn filmmakers and stories showcasing often unheard narratives with this year’s theme:

 “Women, Wheels, And the World of Film.”

Based in Toronto, the TMFF will screen 17 films on Sept. 22 – 23, including “seven led by visionary women directors or feature women riders as the main focus They not only showcase the thrill of motorcycling but also delve into the unique experiences, challenges, and victories women face in the saddle.”

  • Women in the Front Seat – Directed by Indy Saini
  • A Motorcycle Saved My Life – Directed by Lori Lozinski
  • Dark Rider – Directed by Eva Küpper
  • No Man’s Land – Directed by Sara Kinney
  • We Ride – Directed by Romain Thomassin
  • No Special Treatment – Directed by Trevor Wood
  • Unpaved – Directed by Glenn King


Motochic Book Picks

Get inspired by Motorcycles I’ve Loved, a powerful memoir about a young woman whose passion for motorcycles leads her down a road all her own.

At twenty-one-years-old, Lily Brooks-Dalton is feeling lost; returning to New England after three and a half years traveling overseas, she finds herself unsettled, unattached, and without the drive to move forward. When a friend mentions buying a motorcycle, Brooks-Dalton is intrigued and inspired. Before long she is diving headlong into the world of gearheads, reconsidering her surroundings through the visor of a motorcycle helmet, and beginning a study of motion that will help her understand her own trajectory. Her love for these powerful machines starts as a diversion, but as she continues riding and maintaining her own motorcycles, she rediscovers herself, her history, and her momentum.

Forced to confront her limitations—new and old, real and imagined—Brooks-Dalton learns focus, patience, and how to navigate life on the road. As she builds confidence, both on her bike and off, she begins to find her way, ultimately undertaking an ambitious ride that leaves her strengthened, revitalized, and prepared for whatever comes next.

You can read Lily’s journey of self-discovery here.

Wishing you all a wonderful autumn,

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