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Holiday 2018 Update

Dec 01 2018

Holiday 2018 Update

Heaven-Sent: MotoAngels™ Capsule Collection; What The Good Doctor Ordered; A Special Interview With Wild Gypsy Tour’s Kelly Yazdi; and more.

Hi Kickstarter Friends!

Another MotoChic® year is coming to a close, and what an adventure its been! We traveled to Las Vegas, France, Hawaii, Palm Springs and Long Beach to meet magnificent women (and men!) and get feedback on MotoChic®. We celebrated being chosen by Powersports Business magazine as a NIFTY 50 aftermarket product to boost dealership profits. We gave women who ride a platform to share their stories on two wheels in our MotoChic® Moto Angels Contest celebrating International Female Ride Day© 2018 (and gave away some great prizes!). We introduced fun, fashionable, functional new gear like the Bess BagBoyshorts, and MotoAngels™ Capsule Collection. We welcomed Wind & Throttle and Moto Femmes as new e-tailers. And, most beautifully unexpected of all, the MotoChic® Lauren Bag made its primetime television debut on ABC’s The Good Doctor. Thank you everyone for being by our side for this awesome ride! Bring on 2019!

P.S. Here I am at SHIFT at the Progressive International Motorcycle Shows in Long Beach, California with gorgeous girlfriends and MotoChic® brand ambassadors Porsche Taylor (in her MotoAngels™ hoodie) and Kelly Yazdi (see her in-depth interview below).

Heaven-Sent: MotoAngels™ Capsule Collection  

Our vision for the MotoAngels™ Capsule Collection was to find your new favorite top — the one you always reach for when you want to look good and feel good. When women like us come home to share our adventures with family and friends, we want comfort, style, and cutting-edge features that can keep up with our active lifestyles and also express our personalities.

Features like glow-in-the-dark wings… Extra soft fabric that “mechanically” destroys 99.9% of germs including odor-causing bacteria, fungi, and more… This is quite literally the MotoAngels™ Capsule Collection to a tee. If you have yet to own an item or two from the collection, take a closer look and find a new favorite.

The Fleece Pullover Hoodie (Unisex!)

Get a Hoodie in Gray >

The Racerback Tank

Get a Racerback Tank in Gray >

The Muscle Tee

Get a Muscle Tee in Black or White with Glow-in-the-Dark Angel Wings >

The Long Sleeve Tee

Get a Long Sleeve Tee in White with Glow-in-the-Dark Angel Wings >

What The Good Doctor Ordered 

The best gifts are better-then-you-could-have-ever-imagined surprises. When Hollywood actress Christina Chang sought out the MotoChic® Lauren bag for her character, Dr. Audrey Lim, on the television show The Good Doctor, it felt like Christmas had come early.

This opportunity has grown from one, to two, to three appearances on the show, and counting. What’s even more rewarding than being featured on a #1 rated television show is the reason Christina told us she chose our bag: It represents what a strong female lead, badass trauma surgeon, and independent, motorcycle-riding, wildfire of a woman would wear. The MotoChic® woman is on the move!


A Special Interview With Wild Gypsy Tour’s Kelly Yazdi 

We met Kelly Yazdi almost two years ago and what a wonderful friendship it’s been. We can’t believe how lucky we are to have such a smart, inspiring woman (and stunning Maxim magazine starlet!) as one of our brand ambassadors. We sat down (virtually) with Kelly to catch up and learn a bit more about why MotoChic® fits her lifestyle, and her work with the ever-popular Wild Gypsy Tour.

Hi Kelly! When and how did you get started riding? 

Growing up on a ranch in rural Minnesota, I’ve always been in love with being in the saddle. Whether it was riding horses, bikes, dirt bikes, ATVs, you name it — I always sought out adventure on things that could carry me faster than my two feet. So naturally for my 18th birthday, I made it my priority to get my motorcycle license. 

Why do you feel more and more women are exploring life on two wheels? 

First of all, I think it’s one of the coolest things that has ever happened to the industry, as well as the women’s movement as a whole. And although it’s not necessarily a new thing for women to be in the saddle, it’s certainly a fact that there are more women on bikes than ever before. Women have always held their ground as riders, but as the times have changed, the number of women motorcyclists has exponentially increased over the past decade. I believe this is due to several factors, all of which can be summed up by the fact that women are now more influential and powerful than ever before. 

What do you carry in your MotoChic® Lauren Sport bag, and how does it complement your lifestyle? 

My Lauren Sport Bag is so versatile, so what I’m carrying depends on the day! It’s my go-to errands bag, grocery carrier, adventure pack and beyond. Sometimes it even makes its way to the beach with me! I really love how I can wear the bag as a backpack or bag. It’s nice being able to be sporty while I’m riding, and then have the ability to switch to a more trendy look if, say, I’m going out to dinner. 

Tell us about Wild Gypsy Tour: How it was founded, mission/purpose, how many women attend each year, why Sturgis was chosen as the backdrop, and what women can expect if they attend. 

Wild Gypsy Tour is an all women’s platform; a women’s exclusive motorcycle festival that spearheads the legendary Sturgis Rally every summer. It’s also a growing brand that supports women pursuing their passions in whatever industry they work. What started as a women-only moto event has blossomed into something much bigger @WildGypsyTour

What’s been your most memorable experience from past tours, and what are you most looking forward to on future tours? 

Proudest moments are always those that involve others. For example, when I see people coming together and starting new friendships because of the seeds I planted, that’s the coolest feeling. It’s very rewarding being the glue that brings folks together. 

I really look forward to the fusion that takes place on every tour when the originality of the event combines with the new concepts and people. I really enjoy the building process of the Wild Gypsy community and I love being able to see it blossom. 

What’s next for you personally? 

Good question! I seem to have several projects on the front burner, and even more simmering on the back. For now, I’d like to take some time to slow down and enjoy the holidays! 

Are you a woman who rocks MotoChic® in her everyday life? Want a platform to share your story in one of our 2019 newsletters? Email us at [email protected] or connect onFacebook!


We wanted to close out the year with a video press review from 2018. It’s the Women Riders Now Video Review: MotoChic Gear Lauren Sport Bag – Designed by a Woman Rider for Women Riders! The phenomenal Women Riders Now community continues to champion female riders in groundbreaking ways, and we are always honored to be reviewed by them. In case you missed it, here’s the video:

“For two weeks I used the Lauren Sport bag on every ride (almost daily) and have been pleased with the overall quality and durability of the backpack. You can tell it was designed by a woman rider who knows the struggles of finding gear/accessories for women riders!”

Happy Holidays!



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