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Summer 2018 Update

Jun 22 2018

Summer 2018 Update

MotoChic® Moto Angel 2018: Christina Mayne, and How MotoChic® Helped Knock Her Socks Off

Hi Kickstarter Friends!  

Summer is the one time of year you’re encouraged — better yet expected! — to work less and play more. The hiking trail, ocean’s shoreline, exotic continents, and open road are calling. The nurturing sunshine and fresh air make me feel like anything’s possible. I’ve got my Lauren Sport bag packed and ready for new adventures. Do you? Send us pictures of your travels to [email protected] or share them on our Facebook page.

MotoChic® Moto Angel 2018: Christina Mayne 

Christina Mayne was the winner of our inaugural MotoChic® Moto Angels Contest celebrating International Female Ride Day© 2018. Christina won a $1600+ prize pack including a MotoChic® Lauren Sport BackpackAntimicrobial T-Shirt and Performance Socks, as well as apparel, training and more from our friends at Gigi Montrose® Moto Couture, 3 Wheel Safety Training, Bay Area Motorcycle Training®, Biker Gear Club, Wind & Throttle, Plutonium MOTO, VnM Sport, and Modern Moto Magazine. Click the video play button to watch Christina’s winning video revealing why she’s passionate about life on two wheels.


How MotoChic® Helped Knock Her Socks Off 

We love chatting with our customers! Recently, Jessie Wadman from Sweden purchased a pair of MotoChic® Performance Socks with the help of the new Webinterpret feature on our website, which provides language translation, foreign currency conversion, and low international shipping for over 60 countries.

We asked Jessie how he’d found us. What followed was a tale of romance and despair we just knew we had to share with you…

I love motorcycle riding, and my passion is to explore the world on two wheels. I’ve toured most of Europe and started making plans for exploring the other continents.  

Not too long ago — just a month or two — a woman I’ve known for the past 18 years decided that I belonged with her. Well, in truth I’m fairly sure she’s been nursing a crush on me for all of those 18 years, but we’ve both been in various relationships during that time and never really found our paths crossing in that way, until now.  

And, well, she surprised me a few weeks back with that she’s getting a motorcycle license. I’m reasonably sure a big part of it is to spend more time with me, even though the idea of it might tickle her sense of adventure in general.  

My reaction to this was (naturally) to immediately go and find something appropriate to gift her. And I thought to myself; how about a pair of cute socks with dinky little motorcycles all over them? Could it get any cuter and more awesome? It’ll remind her whenever she’s wearing them of motorcycles. Even during the long, cold, harsh, Swedish winters, where no sane person would drive a motorcycle. She could sit by the fireplace with her feet up, wiggle her toes and look at the little motorcycles and dream of summer. It’s a perfect gift! I had to get her some socks like this! Immediately.  

What ensued began as a languid exercise of Google-Fu, but quickly turned into an epic quest. I couldn’t find any. Anywhere. Regardless of how frantically I weaved the words through the search engine, there were no cute little socks with motorcycles all over them anywhere online at any of the usual shopping-venues. Despair! The date of her motorcycle test is fast approaching, time flies like a paycheck on fire, and still…no cute socks with dinky little motorcycles all over them.  

Panic. More despair. Would my new girlfriend have to pass her license without me giving her a pair of super cute little socks with motorcycles on them? Would I have to change course and come up with something else to give her? Would I have to come up empty-handed?! No. Unacceptable! I’ve set my mind on this, and now it’s a quest, a matter of proving my worth to her! But, what to do? Should I try and contact a manufacturer in China and have them custom-made? That’s totally within the realm of acceptable cost at this point. But it would take too long… I couldn’t knit, sew or craft socks on my own even if my life depended on it. But maybe there’s an online service where you can upload your own image file and have it printed onto socks? What to do… Surely these must exist somewhere…  

A few more days passed…  

Then, one day, as many of the previous days, I do an image search on Google. More Google-Fu: “Cute socks with motorcycles on them,” “Socks ladies, pictures of motorcycles,” and every variation I could think of.  

And then…there they were! An image among the thousands on page one-hundred-something in the Google search result. Just what I was looking for! A pair of super cute socks with tiny little motorcycles all over them! Thrilled, I click onwards… To a defunct website. My heart sank.  

Bruised, but not defeated, I scroll onwards, not willing to surrender or give up.  

Another picture, this time leading to Pinterest. The image leads to a blog article, and from there the image leads to another defunct website of some other vendor that laid down their arms eons ago. Desperately, I scroll onwards…  

A pair sold from a vendor via Amazon, but pink. She hates pink. Can I dye them another colour? Will the print be ruined, or unintelligible? 

I begin seriously considering engaging a tailor to have them made bespoke.  

And then… 

There they were. MotoChic performance socks! 

I could almost hear fanfares playing in the background while slanted rays of sunlight passing through the window lit up that one picture on my screen!  

I click on the picture. My heart is racing. Cup of coffee in one hand, paused halfway up from the desk on its way to my mouth. A website loads… It shows a price tag. It’s a store!! There’s a buy button!  

I click the buy button so fast I almost spill my coffee.  

At this point, I couldn’t care what the price was. I was buying them if I had to charter a private plane and go fetch them to solve [a] ‘we don’t ship internationally’ response.  

I’m getting those!  

And so I did.  

And that’s the story of how I found your website. 🙂 


Receiving positive feedback from influential female bloggers lets us know MotoChic® is living up to its brand promise: To design Stylish Gear for Women on the Move.

Mia Gordon — Product Love: MotoChic “One of my absolute favourite products from MotoChic has to be the Lauren Bag. This bag quickly switches from a backpack to a tote bag. It makes it super easy to carry all my essentials while hiking or traveling for work, but then transforms to a stylish tote for pictures or meetings…” Read More

Black Girls Ride — Geared Up: MotoChic’s Lauren Sport Bag “The Lauren Sport Bag serves as a lightweight, weatherproof, secure travel bag. The new red, orange, yellow and pink colorways offer high visibility and great, fashionable options that allow you to switch up to a more contemporary style after your ride and into your day…” Read More

Pillioness — Motorcycle Gear for Women Who Want Comfort AND Style “This is How Motorcycle Gear for Women Should Be… Valerie is versatile women’s motorcycle gear. This bag has a sweet, feminine name — Valerie. But don’t let that fool you. Valerie can change shape quicker than a transformer…” Read More

Women’s Sportbike Rally “This week I tried out another awesome feature of this MotoChic Lauren Sport bag. It turns from a backpack into a purse. I can definitely see this being handy, especially if you have somewhere really nice to go but you still want to ride your bike there. I can imagine just cruising down the beach with an awesome bag after a fun ride… The straps pop right out of these little pockets in the top, and your backpack straps have their own perfect stash compartment. If you didn’t know it was a backpack you would never guess. I really like this feature. Why even carry a separate purse?” Read More

The Fashion Faux Pas of Gabrielle — Searching for a Holiday Backpack “If you like a bit of colour in your life, these sportier bags are great. In the same way as the previous Lauren bag, these can be worn as a backpack or a handbag…” Read More

Thanks for following our journey!



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