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Colleen: Safety Advocate & Motorcycle Trainer

Colleen Sepulveda
Sep 21 2020

Colleen: Safety Advocate & Motorcycle Trainer

And now, meet Colleen Sepulveda, a retired motorcycle officer from Santa Cruz, CA. She is dedicated to creating more visibility and opportunities for female riders as an active member of the Women’s Coalition of Motorcyclists and an advocate for rider safety, training instructors, and teaching advanced riding courses. In her spare time, she puts 20,000-30,000 miles a year on her bike, riding track days, some dirt, and lots of touring. Her motto is: ride intelligently!

Colleen Sepulveda

“So many different items go into my Lauren bag…it just depends what I’m doing!

Since my Lauren bag arrived, I’ve been finding lots of ways to use the space it gives me. My bike already has great locking bags but sometimes, I just need more room! As a motorcycle instructor and trainer for instructors, I travel with a lot of teaching materials. My duffle bag carries a week’s worth of clothes and shoes and my hard bags carry my laptop and tools. I needed a place for binders and paperwork that I could carry securely and detach easily. 

I thought about the Lauren bag for a few months. Once I decided to purchase one, I had to decide which one! Should I get the leather one (probably sturdier and perhaps fancier but heavier with less water-resistance) or should I get the ballistic nylon version (water-resistant and lighter weight)? I couldn’t tell even after watching videos on the MotoChic website so I called MotoChic herself…Debra Chin. 

Debra graciously answered my multiple questions and guided me to a decision on the Lauren Sport Bag. I chose the orange zippers and received it quickly!”

Colleen Sepulveda

“So far, I’ve used the Lauren bag as a tote. I strap it onto the back of my waterproof duffle bag when I travel. Once I reach my hotel, I just strap the Lauren bag onto my passenger seat during work days.”

Colleen Sepulveda's gear

“It holds everything I need and then some. When my hard bags are absolutely stuffed, I know I can carry more in the Lauren bag. The retro-reflectivity is amazing and increases my visibility to roadway users behind me at night. I love the sassy pop of orange color  So far, I haven’t used the backpack straps but they are hidden away if I need them.”

Colleen Sepulveda's bags

I’m kind of rough on my gear. I expect it to work hard and to look good doing it. So far, so good. I don’t know what will be in my bag next but I know it will fit and travel perfectly with me! 

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