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Jayne: Outdoor Lover, Rider, & Crafter

Jayne: Outdoor lover, rider, & crafter
Jun 26 2022

Jayne: Outdoor Lover, Rider, & Crafter

This summer, we’re thrilled to share Jayne’s love story with her Lauren bag and life on two wheels. So much so that she just received her re-certification to be a motorcycle instructor in Nova Scotia, where she recently moved.

When not riding or teaching, Jayne likes to get out and go paddle boarding, kayaking, hiking or cycling. In winter, she loves to snowboard. With such an active life, can you believe she also finds time to knit, crochet and make jewelry? You can catch her doing that in the evenings or on days when the weather isn’t so good.

Jayne: Outdoor lover, rider, & crafter

“I’ve had a love affair with motorcycles for as long as I can remember.  So much so that at a very young age when my Sunday school teacher told us we should attend church every Sunday when we grew up, I responded resoundingly with “ I’ll be riding my motorbike around the country lanes and enjoying the life and scenery that God has given us.  I think God would be happy with that.”  I didn’t know anybody with a bike at that time so I don’t know where it came from. 

A few years later my father bought a Honda 250 Super Dream.  A whole 250 ccs!  I was so excited because he would drop me off at my first job down twisty, rural roads in Wales on his way to work on it. I had the bug and started hanging around the local motorcycle store where I would admire the shiny bikes and dream.  

Since then I have ridden all over Britain, a good deal of Europe, Canada and parts of the northern USA.  I’ve owned mostly sports bikes from an insanely fun and maneuverable, although terribly unreliable RGV250 to the GSXR600 I ride now. The Triumph Tiger 800 that sits next to it is for exploring beyond the tarmac. Of all my bikes, the one I regret selling was a custom painted RD 500 two stroke that I rode all over Germany while stationed there.”

“I qualified as a motorcycle instructor in Alberta and have been teaching there for over a decade. It’s so rewarding to teach new riders who have had little to no riding experience and see them come back after their first road ride with huge grins on their faces!  I also think it’s important that these riders start with a course where they practice safe riding techniques.  

The problem, especially on a sports bike it seems, is luggage. Never could find something that was functional and that looked good when I was off the bike.  Everything I tried was cumbersome to carry around or just uncomfortable or restrictive on the bike.”

Jayne: Outdoor lover, rider, & crafter

“When I first saw the Lauren bag, I was blown away by the functionality. The designer really understood the challenges of packing to ride. There’s a pocket for everything so everything can go in its place and is easy to find. The main area is large enough to hold anything I need for a day – or weekend – away. “

“I’ve had my Lauren bag for 4 or 5 years and used it almost every day on and off the bike. It’s held up to the abuse it has endured. Being stuffed with shopping bags, towels, flip flops, water bottles, rain gear, sweaters, my tablet, knitting – pretty much anything you can imagine.”

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“It’s also comfortable and secure when riding.  It doesn’t move around or impede control at all, which I love. It also happens to look stylish as a tote bag when a girl just has to look, well, like a girl .”

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