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Kim: College Student & Motorcycle Camper

Sep 21 2021

Kim: College Student & Motorcycle Camper

This customer story features Kim, a college student from Seattle majoring in accounting. When she’s not working, studying, or walking her dog, Kim makes sure that she uses what little spare time she has to get out for a ride when the weather is nice. We caught up with her after a recent road trip with her gal pals and the compact but super versatile Valerie Bag. It’s been Kim’s constant companion on and off her Kawasaki Ninja 650! 

“I grew up in Michigan but spent 12 years in Hawaii, where I was a scuba instructor and a chef. I also took my first Motorcycle Safety Course while in Hawaii. I grew up as a passenger on a motorcycle and always dreamed of having my own bike one day. It wasn’t until I moved to the mainland (Seattle) that I purchased my first motorcycle. I was 49 years old at the time and my only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner. This summer, I joined a group of women in Portland, OR and we all rode our motorcycles together to Hill City, SD. Since my return, I also have gone camping with my bike, and have already made camping plans for next month and next year! I just purchased a second, much larger motorcycle. I have an extreme case of wanderlust and now I literally have the vehicle to get out there and wander.”

“My Valerie Bag goes everywhere with me. When I am riding, she sits in my tank bag. If I stop someplace for food or pictures, I take her with me. She carries all my important items, like my phone, money, lip balm, credit cards, and my National Parks Pass. I love how versatile she is. I can carry her as a wristlet or a cross-body bag. She is so cute and stylish that I always get compliments from other ladies I ride with. I consider myself a MotoChic ambassador. My other 2 MotoChic purchases are the cell phone lanyard and the long sleeve “(Moto)Angels” t-shirt. The t-shirt is soft and comfortable and is the perfect layer for cool summer mornings when you start your ride early and end up in high heat later in the day. Valerie puts up with a lot of use and abuse from me and she never complains. I hope to someday add to my MotoChic collection with the Lauren

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