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Marg: Intrepid Traveler & “Two Wheeled Life” Blogger

Marg: Intrepid Traveler & "Two Wheeled Life" Blogger
Dec 01 2023

Marg: Intrepid Traveler & “Two Wheeled Life” Blogger

We first met Margaret Vatman, a seasoned traveler and Two Wheeled Life blogger, when she joined the MotoChic “Sisters of the Traveling Lauren Sport Bag”. She was the first of five fearless women road that road tested the Lauren Sport by passing it from rider to rider on their two-wheeled adventures across the country. Recently, we caught up with Margaret in her hometown of Vancouver Island, discovering her enduring love for the Lauren Sport, now her everyday purse, and the essentials she carries in it.

“I was first introduced to MotoChic® a little over 6 years ago. In the beginning of 2017, I signed up to be a product tester for the Lauren (Sport) bag on a trip across Western Canada. As we all know, life happens. My husband was involved in a serious motorcycle accident and all plans to ride from Vancouver Island to Ottawa for our nation’s 150th birthday celebration were put on hold.

This didn’t stop me from making shorter trips that were curtailed in and around my area and this is when the magic happened. I fell in love with this bag. Yes, the price is a bit dear, but I believe it is well worth it. The reflective panel in the back, the ease of converting the Lauren over to a backpack and adjusting the straps is quick and easy. I started using it as an overnight luggage bag then quickly realized I didn’t need to use it only for riding. And it became my everyday “purse.”

It easily accommodated a standard laptop and power cord with enough room for 2 scheduler books and a change of clothes if need be. The finish on the zippers makes it water resistant and the side pockets make it so easy to make smaller items quickly accessible is an amazing option.

I cannot say enough about this bag. I’ve been using it consistently almost every day for the past 6 years and there is very little wear in evidence. The materials and manufacturing of this piece of (what I consider) essential everyday bag is superior to many other bags I’ve used over the years and destroyed in a short amount of time due to normal wear and tear.

I have always been a gadget girl, so this will be reflected in my choices of what I carry. A luminade solar charging ‘camping light” that will also charge your cell phone if you are camping and don’t have a power supply or if you bring your charging cable it will charge your iWatch as well.”

Would I recommend this bag even after this amount of time? 100% absolutely.

Marg Vatman 

Compact is the word of the day. 

“Although I’ve never sprung a leak with my Lauren – I will always wrap everything in ‘ziplock’ bags.  Nothing sucks more than getting stuck in a monsoon and having no dry clothes to change into.  As well, with the ziplock type of bag this squeezes the air out making things even more compact. Again – key words are ‘compact’ and ‘portable’. The smaller the items the better off.  

Also, when traveling for long distances, I put a small ziplock bag with sheets of laundry detergent in case I have to wash clothes in a bathroom sink.  

All in all, my MotoChic Lauren Sport is my go-to for every day commuting and motorcycle traveling with an amazing amount of space and compartments that allow me to stay organized without having to sacrifice necessities.

Would I recommend this bag even after this amount of time? 100% absolutely!”

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