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Melinda: Author, Keynote Speaker & Changemaker

Melinda: Author, TED Speaker, and Moto Ambassador
Sep 19 2023

Melinda: Author, Keynote Speaker & Changemaker


What does the amazing Melinda Briana Epler, Author, TED Speaker, and Moto Ambassador, pack in her Lauren Bag for her busy and inspiring life?

“I’m an author, keynote speaker, and changemaker working with leaders to build a more inclusive and sustainable world. Currently, I’m CEO of Empovia, Author of How to Be an Ally, a REV’IT ambassador, and the co-host of the San Francisco Moto Social

My work to create change is rewarding, but it can also be demanding and taxing. To regenerate, I ride motorcycles, meditate, do yoga, run, and travel. In the few short years I’ve been riding, my husband Wayne and I have ridden our bikes from San Francisco to Cabo San Lucas (and back), to Arches National Monument in Utah, and up and down the California coast. We’ve also ridden through Bali, Hawaii, Spain, and France. Planning our next motorcycle journey in Portugal! 

I’ve loved the MotoChic brand ever since Wayne and I met Debra years ago at a moto event! It was a breath of fresh air to see her products. Most motorcycle bags are utilitarian but not fashionable. MotoChic makes moto riding fashionable.

At the top of the packing list for the Lauren bag: extra REV’IT layers for “Karl the fog” – Karl can chill the air quick here in the Bay Area 🥶! Neck warmer, REV’IT summer gloves to put on when we leave Karl behind and head inland, MotoChic cap for the sun, an epipen (I’m allergic to bee stings), lip balm, my well-loved Orla Kiely wallet, Leatherman, snacks, water bottle (on full-day trips I bring two 40oz bottles), bike lock, hand sanitizer, and a Garmin for emergency SOS calls and to track our routes. Not pictured but always with me: face mask and electrolytes.” 

Melinda is a true “shero,” making the world a better place while living her best life by  riding her Triumph motorcycle on winding roads around the world. Thank you for all you do and continue to strive for Melinda!

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