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Mia: Mom, Ops Manager, & Motorcyclist

Your Stories: Mia
Mar 29 2021

Mia: Mom, Ops Manager, & Motorcyclist

Meet Mia, an operations manager, mom, foodie, textile hobbyist, and avid rider who recently discovered MotoChic by googling “The Good Doctor motorcycle backpack”. The hit TV series is set in a fictional hospital in San Jose, California where Mia can be found riding her red hot Triumph in real life. Mia is the embodiment of MotoChic and we are thrilled to share her love story with motorcycles and the Lauren Bag

My interest in motorcycles began with a high school crush… a Honda VFR. I tracked a Honda CBR with which I never reached the podium, but I managed to never place last.Then I went on hiatus to focus on my favorite activity… being a mom. 

Pre-COVID-19, I commuted to and from my office and meetings every day. Managing operations means attending lots of meetings in different locations. Lane-splitting optimizes my commute time, and parking is never a problem. On weekends, I enjoy heading for the hills or the coast. And, I’m always in pursuit of coffee and new food spots. 

My Lauren backpack holds what I need and then some for both work and play. It comfortably anchors to me through cornering and high winds without restricting my movement. It’s got style. And it matches my bike! 

What’s inside: 

  1. Hand sanitizer and wipes. The extra packet of wipes is for bbq and bug carnage
  2. Protein bar because I should not ride hangry
  3. Charmander power bank (not just to Pokemon Go)
  4. Wallet
  5. Leak proof food containers for take out and leftovers
  6. Hat for helmet hair
  7. Gloves, glove liners, oh wait… another pair of gloves (I have temperature control issues)
  8. Do you know where your towel is? Mine’s in my Lauren backpack!  
  9. Diddy bag: • hair bands… not the Bon Jovi variety, but to replace the ones that have blown out of my hair while riding• mints because burping barbecue in the helmet with the shield down is very unpleasant• Leatherman tool because “teeth are not tools” 
  10. My phone in its gigantic but hard-to-lose case
  11. And room for any beverages purchased from the Napa region 

What’s in your bag? Email us at [email protected]. We’d love to share your story!

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