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Payton: Student, Rider, & Realtor

Payton: Student, Rider, & Realtor
Mar 19 2023

Payton: Student, Rider, & Realtor

What’s in Your Bag?

From taking classes to showing homes to riding dirt bikes— 22-year-old university student and realtor Payton Hubbard knows how important it is to have one bag that can do it all.

“The MotoChic Lauren bag is great for carrying all my day-to-day needs, whether it be my laptop, notebooks, pens and pencils for school and work, or snacks, water bottles, hand sanitizer/wipes, sunglasses, and more for my many other activities. It was even the perfect bag to bring boating on the lake carrying towels, sunscreen, lip balm, a change of clothes and all other boating necessities. With the Lauren bag being so compact, I can still fit so much in it with all its spacious pockets and all the different places to put all my essentials while on the go.

Payton's Lauren bag and contents

One of my hobbies is riding dirt bikes or being out at our local motocross track. This year, I am honored to be the treasurer of the Idaho Falls Motocross Association. There is nothing I love more than being around dirt bikes and spending days out at the track! One of my favorite things about my Lauren bag is the material it is made from—it’s tough and will not rip or get ruined easily. The water-resistant lining makes it so that the contents inside my bag don’t get wet, which is a big factor for me with all of the things I have done with my bag. Whether it’s out in the rain or snow, or out on the lake, everything in the bag always stays dry. The bag never fails to give me a clean stylish look while always being handy for my day-to-day life.”

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